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“There is a deep, fundamental difference between UI and UX (user interface and user experience).”

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There is a deep, fundamental difference between UI and UX (user interface and user experience). Your goal user experience should be what you want the user to accomplish while visiting your site, and just as importantly, how they arrive at that final location. You must properly define what these goals are ahead of time in order to most effectively design your user interface. Quick-loading pages and the fastest path from your entry point to conversion are great, but they may leave something to be desired in your overall design. A true designer does so much more than just layout and color; effective design acts as a roadmap for your user.

The team at MeghRaj TechnoSoft can build you such an experience. Our designers and developers are dedicated to building your site to fit the latest trends in UI/UX. Our user experiences are built to be intuitive, removing much of the work from your end user and instead creating an easily navigable, instinctive visit. MeghRaj TechnoSoft’s engaging interfaces and clean design have been very successful for our clients, and 15 years in the industry has taught us exactly what not to do to interrupt a solid UX. MeghRaj TechnoSoft also utilizes extensive A/B testing throughout the lifecycle of your site as well as Google Analytics almost real-time analysis of traffic.



    Our Services

    • Front end Development.
    • Interaction Design.
    • Product Design.
    • Website Design.
    • Mobile UI Design.
    • App design.
    • Game design.
    • Responsive Design.

    Our Expertise

    • We have Consistent experience across a range of form factor, specialize in designing and
      building Mobile Apps, Responsive Websites, Web Apps.
    • We help our clients of all sizes to launch hundreds of applications and multi-platform
    • Our designers are highly expertise in user experience design, mobile application development,
      across all sectors for the answers and results they’re looking for to drive success.
    • We are passionate about helping clients launch successful businesses and platforms.
    • Our expertise in UI design and development helps you convert intangible solutions into
      device-agnostic creative designs using leading edge technology to enhance customer delight.